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Watch the super heavy weights video
XYZ 2-OP double your profit

Watch the XYZ product videos and see the ProtoTRAK control in action

  • The Super Heavyweights

    The Super Heavyweights

    2 minutes 57 sec.
    Up to 25 tons, across 3 metres, in stock ready to go.
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  • XYZ 2-OP double your profit

    XYZ 2-OP double your profit

    3 minutes 47 sec.
    A true story filmed at PTG Plymouth.
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  • XYZ - the story so far

    XYZ - 30 years in the making

    3 minutes 55 sec.
    Nigel Atherton who formed XYZ in 1984 sees it like this.
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  • EMX and ELX

    EMX and ELX - just like riding a bike

    2 minutes.
    The EMX and ELX - just like riding a bike.
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  • Turning Centres

    Turning Centres

    1 minute 59 sec.
    Turning Centres - some with Y axis and milling capability.
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  • ProtoTRAK CNC made easy

    ProtoTRAK CNC made easy

    1 minute 22 sec.
    Designed from the ground up to be the easy to use CNC.
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  • ProtoTRAK - 2 axis

    ProtoTRAK - 2 axis

    1 minute 33 sec.
    Everyday ProtoTRAK 2 axis-quick and easy.
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  • ProtoTRAK - 3 axis

    ProtoTRAK - 3 axis

    2 minutes 3 sec.
    Reach the highest levels of modern day machining...
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  • ProtoTRAK on the Lathe

    ProtoTRAK on the lathe

    1 minute 55 sec.
    From small trainer lathes up to 3 metres between centre lathes.
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  • The new XYZ ProtoTRAK LPM

    The new XYZ ProtoTRAK LPM

    2 minutes 4 sec.
    See new the LPM, it's a Prototrak with a toolchanger and more.
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  • XYZ-VMCs


    1 minute 6 sec.
    The VMC range with easy to use control and full 5 axis ability.
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