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XYZ for education. What is it?

By offering all UK engineering training establishments special pricing on the full range of XYZ machine tools, along with providing up to the minute training programmes, we can make sure your 'workshops' run smoothly and your 'teaching focus' is also kept up to speed. Budget controllers, technicians, teachers and students alike will all enjoy the benefits of the 'XYZ for education' initiative.

And so will XYZ - by assisting our UK engineering trainers to educate and inspire our engineers of tomorrow.

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  • Eductional Training at XYZ Factory
  • Eductional Training at XYZ Factory
  • Eductional Training at XYZ Factory
  • Eductional Training at XYZ Factory

Join the 'XYZ for education' initiative and we'll make sure you get all the learning resources you'll need, from technical manuals to face-to-face training for technicians, trainers and students alike.

The XYZ UK Training Team is made up of 'time served' engineers who are not only experts in the ProtoTRAK and Siemens controls - but who also hold C.I.E.H Professional Trainer Certificates. These are the guys who will help you keep right up to speed with the 'real world' technology.

XYZ for Eduction. What you get

Special Pricing

If you’re a recognised UK University, College, Training Establishment, School or Research Centre, you will qualify for XYZs special pricing. This will entitle you to impressive discounts on all new XYZ machine tools, software and third party products.

Training & Open Days for Technicians, Lecturers and Teachers and Student Open Days.

Keeping up to date with new technologies is never easy which is why we give you:

  • Initial training for Technicians, Lecturers and Teachers.
  • Full telephone support from our applications team.
  • XYZ Educational Open Days for Technicians, Lecturers and Teachers.
  • XYZ Educational Open Days, by arrangement, for your students.

Face to Face’ Training for Students.

Once a year for up to three years we will send an XYZ Trainer deep into the heart of your classroom. Don’t worry all our guys are fully trained and will demonstrate what’s actually out there and how things are set for the future. The topics we are currently covering are ‘new processes’ lean manufacturing, 5th axis, CAD CAM and probing.

Programming Manuals.

A free set of programming manuals, in printed form and as a pdf file, for every student.

Software and Control Demo Units.

Special pricing on a range of offline software and ProtoTRAK® and Siemens desktop demonstration control units, great for large classes.

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