XYZ XL 1100

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  • SWING OVER BED 1100mm
  • SPINDLE BORE 160mm (up to 420mm opt)
  • 94HP / 70kW SPINDLE
  • SPINDLE SPEEDS RPM: H320-660, M 110-320, L 20-110

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Product Description

The XL and Oil Country Lathes are heavy duty lathes for tough work, with solid ribbed castings and extra wide Vee and Flat ways they offer extreme rigidity, the headstock is built using the highest quality gears and bearings, and these features combined with the heavy duty tailstocks make this range one of most solid and reliable turning platforms available in the UK today.

Bed typeOne piece Bed and Base
Swing over bed1100 mm
Swing over cross slide750 mm
Cross slide travel550 mm
Distance Between Centres1M – 6M
Spindle bore160 mm (up to 420 mm opt)
Spindle noseA2-11 (A2-15, A2-20,
A2-28 opt)
Spindle taperMT 5
Spindle motor94HP / 70kW
Spindle speeds rpm
Based on standard spindle bore
H 320-660
M 110-320
L 20-110
Tailstock quill travel300 mm
Tailstock taperMT6
Tailstock diameter115 mm
Bed width533 mm
Weight capacity 
Chuck only1000 kg
Chuck and tailstock4000 kg
Chuck, steady and tailstock7000 kg
Footprint LxDxH
Length based upon 1 metre
betweeen centres version
(add 1,000 mm for each
extra metre of Between
Centres distance)
3930 mmDepth
2300 mmHeight
2200 mm
Based upon 1 metre Between
Centres version
1 metre BC machine
8000 kgs
(add 1100 kgs per
extra metre of Between
Centres distance)

Siemens 840D ShopTurn Control

Siemens Control

Siemens Control

Introducing Siemens and the ‘JobShop Concept’. As an experienced machinist you instinctively know the machining stages you will need to go through to make any given component. It’s these stages that form the basis of the ‘JobShop Concept’. Using easy to understand ‘prompts’ the control helps you to create a ‘work plan’ of the machining stages in just the same way and the control does all the coding in the background. Simply watch it all unfold on the 10.4” TFT colour screen in plan, 3 planes or full 3D, switching views as you go.