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Entry level CNC on our best selling mill.

  • 42” x 9” (1069 x 228mm) TABLE
  • 26” x 12” (660 x 305mm) TRAVEL

Pictured with guards removed for clarity.

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Product Description

  • Vari Speed 2 Range Head.
  • Hardened and Ground Ways.
  • 2 Axis DRO.
  • 2 Axis CNC.
  • Precision Ground Ballscrews.
  • Coolant.
  • Work Light.
  • Auto Lubrication.
  • Interlocked Guarding.
  • Riser Blocks.
  • Air Drawbars.
  • 3 Axis DRO.
  • Offline Software (free download).
  • Quillstar.
  • Tooling, Vices etc.
  • Stand on Swarf Tray.
  • Millstar (Quill DRO).
Spindle Drive Motor2.25 kw (3 HP)
Vari Speed Range High / Low60-4200 rpm
Table size1069 x 228 mm
T slots-315.9 mm 3 off
Longitudinal travel – X axis660 mm
Cross travel – Y axis305 mm
Knee vertical travel – Z axis406 mm
Slide typeHardened Way
Ram travel350 mm
Spindle taperR8 / 30 ISO optional
Quill power feeds.038 .076 .15 mm
Quill travel127 mm
Quill diameter86 mm
Max table load350 kg
Swivel on turret360°
Head tilt front to back45°-45°
Head tilt left to right90°-90°
Max throat depth686 mm
Net weight approx1250 kg

ProtoTRAK® EMX Control

EMX Control

The XYZ EMX is fitted with the ProtoTRAK® EMX control. This control is an entry level 2 axis CNC control with up to 4 axis DRO display and is able to do simple cycles like bolt hole circles, circular and rectangular pockets, even complex profiles. This control offers a real leap forward in the productivity of a turret mill – one day no one will buy a conventional DRO for a turret mill.